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(The ABC's of Election 2000)



Al Gore is clearly the Democrats' choice.         






and                     Bush is clearly the Republicans' voice.  




Conventions are held in the summer to choose       
who will make four years of presidential news.



                            Donkeys are the symbol of Democrats.  

The Electoral College counts each states' stats.



Forums and fundraisers indicate...                           
Government interest by the people is great.


"Hail to the Chief" is what they will play... to honor the President  on                        
  Inauguration Day.         



January 20th is the swearing-in date.

Key issues are discussed earlier in presidential debate.   



Life for the president requires extra protection.

Motorcades and secret service follow after the election.



November will tell which candidate it is ...
Oval Office privileges.



Political polls make many predictions...
 but each man's success rests on 

Qualifications, convictions.  


Republicans have pride in the symbol of their views.
Slogans and speeches make their daily news.


Term of office lasts for four years...                 

Unless re-elected, then it's eight years.


Voters must find out as much as they can; 

the White House is the executive branch of this land.


X the ballot for the candidate of your choice        

Your vote is your right, your vote is your voice.

Z is for zone, do you know where YOU will vote?