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         ` H is for horse standing with her foal.




I is for iguana slinking around.

J is for jaguar-- her spots blend with

the ground.


  K is for kangaroo showing her kick.







M is for monkey hiding his face.



N is for  nene goose who lives in a volcanic place.





O is for octopus stretching eight arms.

P is for penguin displaying his charms. 





Q is for quail, a small, quiet bird;

R is for rooster crowing his first word.





S is for snake slithering out of his skin;


T is for turtle, another reptile friend!





  U is for unicorn (there aren't really any).

V is for vulture. In the sky are many!


     W is for whales: orca, sperm and baleen.


X is for an animal I've never seen!




Y is for yak, the strong sturdy type...


Z is for zebra with black and white stripes.


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